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Thread: [PETROCHEMICAL][FLUFF][NONPIC]From Engine to Caboose, What's in the train?
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Would this device be at the front or the rear of the train?

Lets see at the front.
KABOOM rocet fires, driver is thrown back, through the bulkhead an onto the
diesel, where he obtains 2nd and third degree burns. The train was
travelling at 50MPH, with the front on a flat and the rear coming down a
hill. The engine starts to shove other carrages back, the resulting
intertia casues the carrages to de-rail, these lay accross the tracks
infront of a high speed intercirty express carrying 2000 passanges, losts
of dead people = states greatest rail disarster.

On the rear of the train.
The train is long, and has come over the crest of a hill (1/2 the train on
each side). The emergency brakes and firing of the rocket causes the train
to break apart of the the crest (This happens now, with incorrect breaing
on trains 1 mile long (We run the longest trains in the world here in
Western Australia, at Mount Tom Price). The back part of the train takes
off in the oppersite direction and slams into a stationary train waiting at
the previous signal block, more people dead.
Meanwhile at the front of the broken train, the driver has been slung up
against the screen during the jolt that occured while the slack was being
taken up.

All nasty


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