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Thread: Maximum current draw from a given PIC
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       I ran into this when I wanted to drive four 7-segment LED
displays with a 16c74 with perhaps 20mA per segment.  Each output could
do it, but we went over the total current capability of the chip.  I'm
looking at DS30390D page 195.  It says the maximum current into the Vdd
pin is 250mA and the maximum current out of the Vss pin is 300mA.  In
addition, the maximum current sourced or sunk by a port is listed as
       Not enought to drive all the segments simultaneously, so I went
to a smaller PIC (the 16c622a) and an Allegro UCN5832A driver (serial in
shift register driving a 32 bit latch driving 32 open collector outputs,
each of which can sink 100 to 200mA).


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