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Thread: From Engine to Caboose, What's in the train?
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At 17:20 12/10/99 +0100, you wrote:
>The first problem I see is what happens when one wagon gets coupled up the
>opposite way round to what it is used to. this is solved by having the
PICs in
>the cars listen on both sides, and the first side which sees a
communication is
>the one towards the master end. transfer query message to other side, and
>message comes back through, add my own ID on the end.
>This also assumes that there will also be a caboose on the end to act as
end of
>train marker.  I would have a timeout so that if an echo from the caboose end
>did not happen within a timescale of (say) 5 message transit times for the
>longest train, then send urgent message to master end (here I assume loco)
>the train is broken, and the Westinghouse brakes should go into failsafe

The brake will be in failsafe mode as there will be no backpressure, lost
of sparks on the wheels of the trailing carriges! <G> (Kids love doing this



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