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>Hey Mark, what is the real possibilities to implement a customized
>profile at the listserver for the list members? So one can program not
>to receive [Fluff] messages? and so on...  I think this should be a real
>"boost", since it saves traffic time at the listserv and solve forever
>this "mail filters" at member's mail engines.

Very good idea =)
then we can select what to not to have at all,
filter it in our mail programs
or looking manually.

Saving internet connection time money too :)

I also like Kelly«s idea about information message.
It have also been mentionned before, an idea about regularly sending out info to subscribers.
Or maybe the server just append an URL like http://www.piclistrules.com to end of each sent message.

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Subject (change) PICList content not as bad as it appears - Some stats - was Re: Goodbye

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