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Thread: Jerky Microstepping
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Morgan wrote:

>There must be one Vref signal separately for each phase, right?
>Is there?

Yes there is.  I am using two TEA3718 chips, and two PWM outputs on a PIC
876 to control the Vref's.

I wrote a routine that just proceeds one microstep at a time, and verified
that the Vref really was zero.  As soon as I flip the PHASE bit on the
TEA3718, the motor jumps about 1/3 step.  At medium or high speeds, this is
not noticeable, but as very slow speeds it is jerky.  The stepper runs a
camera, so you get this jerky, out-of-focus movement at slow speeds.

I am using microsteps as small as 1/100th step (overkill, really)

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There must be one Vref signal separately for each phase, right?
Is there?

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