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Thread: Emissions from Cell phones and Gasoline pumps [TECH non electronic]
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That4s the importantest part of the question, in my opinion.

And how to get "the smallest sparks"? We can have very small sparks even
with very low voltages. To have a spark is necessary to have an electric
field higher  that a determined value that depends on the material:
dielectric rigidity .
So, to have a very small spark in a gas with a small induced voltage is only
necessary to have a very small gap between two electrodes with a difference
of potencial.

In VHF and UHF all practical connections have parasitic ressonant circuits
(as could be found in any UHF tuner design manual).This could amplify
voltage (not power...) according to transmission line theory. Even a hole in
a piece of metal is also equivalent to LC circuit, can have an high Q  and
have an associated ressonant frequency (as could be found to adjust the
coupling between UHF amplifier stages).  One of the  first radio receptions
was based on a LC ressonant circuit and a Branly (?) detector :  microsparks
between small pieces of metal in a glass tube result from small induced
voltages in antena amplified by the ressonant circuit.

So in my opinion  IF a microspark could be the beginning of the process, to
have an explosion is only a question of a misture with not too much or too
less oxygen.
My 1 cent...


>Long ago, we used to weld motorcycle petrol-tanks, on the bike, while
>partially filled with petrol by RIGOROUSLY excluding air from the tank
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Subject (change) Emissions from Cell phones and Gasoline pumps [TECH non electronic]

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