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Thread: Emissions from Cell phones and Gasoline pumps [TECH non electronic]
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>Actually, amazingly enough, one of my certifiable friends is so
>confident in the safety of gasoline that he actually extinguished
>his cigarette in it!  I've seen it done, and in disbelief, no
>explosion, and no flame.  So if the heat of the cigarette is not
>hot enough to ignite gasoline, would the spark from a dropped cell

I feel certain that you could ignite petrol fumes with cellphone sparks
under some conditions.

Petrol liquid is NOT flammable.
ie Petrol is not a "mono-propellant"
If you can keep the air out you will not ignite petrol (liquid or vapour),
even  with an oxy-acetylene flame.

Petrol vapour  mixed with air (ideally 14:1 ratio) is highly flammable, as
we all know.

Properly mixed with air you MAY ignite the vapour with the smallest of

Long ago, we used to weld motorcycle petrol-tanks, on the bike, while
partially filled with petrol by RIGOROUSLY excluding air from the tank while
welding - I won't tell you our "safe" method less you do it wrong  and die.

BUT People die regularly while attempting to weld petrol tanks which have
been "scrupulously" cleaned and dried first. An airforce fitter died here
from a petrol explosion while gas-axing open a petrol drum which had sat
"empty" and uncapped for MONTHS on a  storage heap.


     Russell McMahon

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