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Thread: [ADMIN] RE: NOT OFF TOPIC: List usage etc, another idea
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Wow! Yet another moderator on the PICLIST... that job must pay really well.
Where can I apply? <GRIN>

If you want to start such a list, do so. If people want to use it they will.
My guess is that if we can't even get people to mark post (like yours) not
related to PIC engineering with [OT] or [ADMIN], how are you going to get
them to enter an entire email address in place of the one that "reply-to"
puts in the To... field?

And yes it is OFF TOPIC IMH(-not)O. <SAD GRIN> Mark (who is BTY one of only
2 people who have any real power to moderate this list) has asked in the
past that messages related to the PICLIST but not to PICs be marked [ADMIN].
I (and others) feel that adding an [OT] to that will help people filter out
the non-engineering posts. <HOPEFULL GRIN>

Thanks. And if you start the offtoPIClist, I will try to use it.

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Subject (change) [ADMIN] RE: NOT OFF TOPIC: List usage etc, another idea

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