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Thread: PICList content not as bad as it appears - Some stats - was Re: Goodbye
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>> This list has really gone to the dogs.
>> Perhaps it will improve later, but somehow I doubt it.

>Unfortunate as it is.. I second that motion..
>The Signal has faded to almost nothing, ...

>I don't WANT to sit and wade thru 200 E-mails a day, just to see
>10 that have reasonable (Maybe not wanted, but reasonable) content.

I sympathise with the leavers and agree that there has been some fairly
unnaceptable stuff on the list lately - mainly in the personal abuse


things are probably not nearly as bad as they may seem.
In the last 34 days (since my latest mail file started (I have a year or 2
of older ones elsewhere if required for checking)

1.  There have been about 3700 messages
2.  There have been about 940 messages with [OT] in the title
       About 25%
       Easily filtered
3.  There have been about 690 posts with the word "PIC" in their title
       Many more ARE directly PIC related (see below)

Some of 3. are included in 2.
Some of 1. would have been OT but not a large percentage (I looked through
the titles).

Most of the non-OT marked topics look like the sort of technical material
that I would expect to meet on the PICList.
Here's a continuous alphabetic list (ie NO deletions) started from just
after "Cats!" (which was off-topic, unmarked as such and fairly inane as I
There were from one to many posts on each of these topics.

CCS/PCM PIC12C762 pullups
cheap hard disks [OT]
Cheap Linear potentiometer
Chip Finder
Chip on board assembly (wire bonding)
chipfind website
class D audio amplifier
Cmos Digital Camera
column of dots LED?
Compiling an assembly file for a Microchip EEPROM
Controlling Brushless DC motors
Controlling MOTORS without encoder!!
Cost of surface mount devices
Counter 0 to 999
Counter 0 to 999  and 74HC164
Dallas DS1307Z
data over DC power lines
Decoding LEGO remote control
Digital Data Logger needs LPT specs
Ding Dong!
Ding Dong! I2C calling!
disassemble hex
Dissimilar metals
Doing percentage or ratio
Doing percentage or ratio-Thanks [error correction]

I notice that neither Tjaart or Brad chose to put [OT] in the title of their
posts :-)
But, do come back again at some future date Tjaart, we'll genuinely miss
(Brad I don't know but Y'all are most welcome to come join the party if/when
our SNR again gets high enough ).

come back soon,

     Russell McMahon

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(* - or woman, child or internet enabled intelligent entity :-))

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Subject (change) PICList content not as bad as it appears - Some stats - was Re: Goodbye

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