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Thread: Stepper-controller
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Hello Ernst, I have worked with driving stepper motors and with 16C84's but
not together. However, armed with the knowlege of the capabilities of the
16C84 and the operation of stepper motors there will be no problem getting
your project to perform in the manner you indicate. In order to count to
2,000,000 you will need to concatenate 3 of the 8 bit internal registers of
the 16C84 into one long 24-bit register. You do this by observing the state
of the carry bit after you add a 1 to any 8-bit register. When you subtract
a 1 its significance reverses (becomes a "0" to indicate a borrow) and you
must subtract 1 from the next higher register. When you say that you are
going to output step and direction pulses it seems to indicate that you are
using the PIC to control a stepper motor driver chip as a stepper motor is
incapable of handling this information directly. Is this the case? If so,
what kind of chip is it?
Keith Causey

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/steppers.htm?key=stepper
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