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Thread: Emissions from Cell phones and Gasoline pumps
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>Yes, I'm cynical. I'm also pretty realistic. Feel free to not use your
>cell phone, walkman, or flashlight. I'll feel free to do what I feel is
>right for me...


Please feel very free to tell me when you plan to fly in the same aeroplane
as me so that I can feel free to do otherwise :-)

In my country at least (much more technically backward apparently than
yours) it IS illegal to turn on a cellphone in an airliner.
That said, nobody ever accused our rule-makers of knowing what they were
talking about (on cellphones or otherwise).


     Russell McMahon

PS:     For those who may wonder, despite being marked [OT], I consider that
this is an on topic technical discussion (relating to EMC, regulations,
interpretation etc)
If you disagree, by all means please tell me but OFFLIST.


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