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Thread: C compilers [CCS IDE]]
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>There are several things about the compiler that I DON'T like, but they
>are the consequences of being a CS academic, not really intrinsic
>flaws.  The king hit bad feature is that it runs under DOS/Windoze etc -
>and doesn't like me using editors other than it's built in "IDE" editor.

I have an old copy of the CCS compiler and use it with a (beta) IDE editor
called ASMED by Alex  Torres.

This can  be made to go to, and highlight the error lines, in my C code,
after a compilation run, (with a little work!). The compiler can be called
by a press of an ICON on the ASMED user toolbar. It also works well for
MPASM code (with error line highlighting) as well.

Only drawback is the Russian/English documentation, but a good system IMO


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