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Thread: C compilers
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Here's another vote for CCS - I've done some fine work with it -
microstepping stepper motor controllers, nonstandard i2c-like protocols,
crazy stuff.  All of the problems I've had were generated by me.  The
compiler seems to be good quality.

People run it down because it is cheap.

Hey folks, it's not cheap software.  They charge $99 for a compiler that
will program any 12 bit PIC, another $99 for a compiler that will program
the 14 bit PICs, and $99 a year tech support.  The bill just comes in
smaller [sic] bytes [G].  In 3 years you've paid $600, just like the other C

You really need both compilers if you are using anything besides a
'54/12C508 etc. etc.

I'd recommend CCS anytime.

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