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Thread: Southernisms, was: Re: Watchdog timer and 16f876
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At 22:34 7/10/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>As if english is not hard enough, you YANKS GO AND ***** IT UP enve more!
>You have an option, Dennis.  The Frenchies are pretty upset that English
>(Americanized of course) is the lingua franca of the Internet.  They've
>even sued websites for not having french versions of the pages.  Talk about
>mind control!  They're even proposing Paris Mean Time to replace GMT!
>Which makes me wonder - how come Windows defaults to Pacific time zone <G>?
>Now, to bring this back a little bit...
>Are there other processors out there (Russian I know the answer to) which
>DO NOT use English-based mnemonics for the opcodes?  The PIC is wonderfully
>mnemonic to me, Intel/Mot aren't.

This is an interesting point you raise. Japanese processors complete with
data books in Japanese use opcodes in eago (English) This is because it
take 2 keypresses to enter a kanna code, and makes programming inefficent.
Yes you are correct on the Russian processor, a copy of the 1700 mil
processor (The one that I know of), and I have been told that some German
ones where like this at one stage, but they found it easyer to rule the
world with the aid of information that others can use.

>And for you non-English-native-language folks:  Do you put comments in the
>source code in English or your native tongue?  I've received software from
>several places, and both English and non-English comments independent of
>country of origin (the Israelis only had English, but I don't know if
>that's because of a character set problem or what).

Yes comments are in native tounge, after all why would you want some
southern redneck whom takes apart the car gearbox on the lounge room floor
reading them <G> Often it depends on the requirements placed on the
software programmer, and if you like to attempt to improve your english
skills, then you write them in english too! (And when you want to be nasty
to your employer (Quitting soon?) write them in Dutch!)

{Quote hidden}

Oh yes,
Essa de-alavic! (See how good your Russian is <VBG?)
 Now where does Dennis come from?


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