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Thread: Second person plural
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>I think this is another very out of topic "political issue", as much
>flamable as religion is. It will solve nothing or make no one change
>sides or the way to think.

I think this is still just humour.
I think.
I wasn't aware that civil war divisions had any practical modern carry-over.
Just yer (yore?) good 'ol boys having some fun, y' hear.

Now New Zealanders and Oz-tralians (or NZ North vs South Islanders
("Mainlanders") , that's another matter :-))
(Or, for that matter, Aucklanders versus the rest of NZ).

>No political and religion discussions, it was agreed or not?

Nah. No agreement amongst engineers.

> My two cents is to TAKE IT EASY... and by
>the way, *any* war is purely an act of aggression, no exceptions.
>Self-defense is just a "milliseconds issue", if you will or not wait for
>the other part to shoot first, in most cases it doesn't change so much
>the agressive picture.

Can't see this myself.
Are you saying that both parties in eg East Timor are equally culpable?

Answer me OFFLIST if you want to comment further on this.
                       OFFLIST !!!


     Russell McMahon

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What can one man* do?
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(* - or woman, child or internet enabled intelligent entity :-))

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