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Thread: Second person plural
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At 15:54 7/10/99 -0300, you wrote:
>I agree with Wagner.
>Besides being a "political" discussion (wake up!, wathever you say or write,
>the other party is not going to change his/her mind), this is absolutely
>uninteresting to those of us that does not live in the USA.
>So, please, go private with this.
>Andres Tarzia
>Technology Consultant, SMART S.A.
>e-mail: .....atarziaKILLspamspamsmart.com.ar

I have one word for this, CRAP!

People can change thier minds given that they have some intelligence (Are
you indicating that they have none, or is this a phenominom is your part of
the world only?). Placing the facts can help, it is up to us to remvoe and
filter out all the unwanted rubbish and decipher what is real from what is
not. There is a saying in my country that simply says "Even a fool has
something useful to say" The problem of course is when.

If you chose not to say anything about your side of the world then so be it.

As for uninteresting... Yes after a while the crap filter has to go on. You
will get to know those people on the list whom contribute with constructive
critasisim, and those whom don't. Just remember that 50% of the worlds
population rate as morons (Fact, to be a moron you have to have an IQ of
<80. Just remember before you all get your flame throwers in hand, to
construct a consevutive written sentence your IQ must be >moron)


PS. I like the OT stuff, keeps my little mind amused (I must have an IQ of
less than 80! <G>)


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