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Thread: Programming problems - 16C73A/JW
face BY : Richard Prosser email (remove spam text)

I've just bought one of these & am trying to program it with a PICSTART II

Am Running MPLab 4.12.00 on an NT system (with the appropriate DLL)

But it won't read or program - tells me the Code Protect is "Illegal".

I've tried about an hour of UV Eraser - no change. Also I can't program or
read an OTP 16C73B part as it it thinks that the protect bit on this one is
set - again a brand new part that's never been programmed.

I can however read an older '73A JW part which has been previously

I suspect timing and/or voltage levels (supply at 4.83Vss and Vpp @ about
Or - have I done something to the PICSTART II ?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Richard P


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