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       A few comments...  Here are the text or relevant FCC rules (which
do NOT apply in Europe!).

Sec. 15.3  Definitions.
   (k) Digital device. (Previously defined as a computing device). An
unintentional radiator (device or system) that generates and uses timing
signals or pulses at a rate in excess of 9,000 pulses (cycles) per
second and uses digital techniques; inclusive of telephone equipment
that uses digital techniques or any device or system that generates and
uses radio frequency energy for the purpose of performing data
processing functions, such as electronic computations, operations,
transformations, recording, filing, sorting, storage, retrieval, or
transfer. A radio frequency device that is specifically subject to an
emanation requirement in any other

[[Page 637]]

FCC Rule part or an intentional radiator subject to subpart C of this
part that contains a digital device is not subject to the standards for
digital devices, provided the digital device is used only to enable
operation of the radio frequency device and the digital device does not
control additional functions or capabilities.

   Note: Computer terminals and peripherals that are intended to be
connected to a computer are digital devices.

   (n) Incidental radiator. A device that generates radio frequency
energy during the course of its operation although the device is not
intentionally designed to generate or emit radio frequency energy.
Examples of incidental radiators are dc motors, mechanical light
switches, etc.

Sec. 15.13  Incidental radiators.

   Manufacturers of these devices shall employ good engineering
practices to minimize the risk of harmful interference.

Sec. 15.23  Home-built devices.

   (a) Equipment authorization is not required for devices that are not
marketed, are not constructed from a kit, and are built in quantities of
five or less for personal use.
   (b) It is recognized that the individual builder of home-built
equipment may not possess the means to perform the measurements for
determining compliance with the regulations. In this case, the builder
is expected to employ good engineering practices to meet the specified
technical standards to the greatest extent practicable. The provisions
of Sec. 15.5 apply to this equipment.

       For more info, see part 15 at http://hallikainen.com/FccRules .


Harold Hallikainen
Hallikainen & Friends, Inc.
See the FCC Rules at http://hallikainen.com/FccRules and comments filed
in LPFM proceeding at http://hallikainen.com/lpfm

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