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Thread: Data types, floating notation
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Barry King wrote:

> so that's  00  C0  79  C4
That's correct, it's what I get when I monitor the port.

> > This is for serial communications, my PIC must recognize the -999 as the
> > start of the packet.
> Are you really talking to a system that dumps binary format floating
> point numbers on the serial port?
You sound like you were shocked :). Yes.
> What about the rest of the data?  Coding a floating point conversion
> is not trivial.
After the start, there comes another 8-12 numbers in 4 byte floating and
a checksum.

> I recommend using a existing implementation.  A good C compiler
> (as above) will have the floating point routines built in.
Problem is, I work in assembler. Anybody got routines for that?


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Subject (change) Data types, floating notation

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