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>There is also a device where a bar/cylinder magnet sits in a magnetic well
>created by powerful magnets on either side. A long horizontal wire at one
>end provides lateral stability. This is easy to build and it's a pretty
>cool desktop toy. The suspended magnet bobbles around a little in response
>to environmental vibration etc.
>Seems like it should be possible to replace the wire with electromagnets at
>each end in a feedback loop. Might try it some day.

This is exactly the same as the device which I described (but a much more
understandable description:-)) EXCEPT that in my device the horizontal wire
was replaced by a pointed wooden dowel with the point resting on a mirror.
Very impressive visually.

The idea of using electromagnets to control the horizontal dynamic stability
sounds an excellent one. This should be much easier and require lower power
dynamic fields than the normal dynamic vertical levitators.

     Russell McMahon

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