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Ok , then let's call the beastie by it's real name
My message was censored.

I think my reply was short, to the point, and reasonably courteous and for
the ones interested I can send it to you.

The original I replied to is archived on
You will find a link to my reply , but not find the reply itself, nor any
other reply's to this very unacceptable post (to 92.4 percent of readers

I know my message went out to the list, because I had a reply to it, not
from anyone reading the Piclist or the archive , but from the poster of the
original. I guess it was forwarded by one of the

And don't get me wrong, I do understand why it was done. The noise level
would have been high. Accept that this was probably the best way to deal
with this.

I wonder if there where others that posted to this thread.

Reply's in private please, enough said already.


> {Original Message removed}

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