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Nope;  Moderation specifically means that each & every message anyone
posts to the list, has to be approved by a moderator before any other
PICList members view it.

Think of it like, "Every message starts off deleted, unless one of the
moderators feels like undeleting it."

You'd know how busy the moderators were by how many messages they
released daily, in bursts when they were available online, and the huge
lags when they were busy.  It'd take about 10 people to make it work,
I'd guess?

Moderation is like customs:  An impassable choke point.  Not what *I*
want here <G>

What we have is a list full of people who (mostly) exercise
SELF-control, more or less <G>, and 2 admins who have the ability to
read all messages posted to the list eventually, and delete users who go
way out of line (I think I've deleted 2 whole users for that, maybe 3?)
- OTOH, I've deleted about 80 users at their request, when their ISP
changed (for example, .....userRemoveMEspamRemoveMEisp1.com suddenly had to re-subscribe to
spam_OUTuserspam_OUTspamEraseMEnewmail.isp1a.com due to a merger, etc. - or they changed ISP's due
to an ISP closing or changing jobs - etc.)  Maybe more 'n 80;  With 2
lists, it'd be 150 deletions, give or take.  (Wild Guesses, I can go
count but'd rather not!)


Peter van Hoof wrote:
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<37F19EC2.EBB56BBC@foxinternet.net> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=pic
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