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I've been following the debate regarding OT messages. In fact, I've been
terribly busy of late and the debate is the only thread I've been watching.
Why ? Because I care what happens to the PICLIST.  I even considered
unsubscribing to eliminate the traffic in my inbox, but can't bear to do so.
I won't always be this busy, and I hope to return to a list that is the same
as when I left it.

We live in an imperfect world.  This list is comprised of over 1800 members
at last count. On any given day, you can almost gaurantee that someone will
mess up.  Forget to put [OT] on the subject, flame because they're having a
bad day, reply publicly when they intended to reply privately, and the list
goes on.  This is life.

As humans, we seem to be driven by the need to fix things.  Trouble is,
sometimes "broken" is a matter of opinion.  I agree that the PICLIST is not
perfect and there are messages that _I_ find annoying or unnecessary too.
Know what ? I delete them. BOOM ! 1/2 second later, they're gone.

What really disturbs me is that, if we "fix" the PICLIST, we will break it.
Possibly permanently.  As an analogy, consider well meaning public
officials. How many times have we all seen this ?  A leader, or group,
perceives there is a problem in our society. So they fix it.  Trouble is,
the "fix" produces undesirable ramifications. Possibly worse than the
original problem. Rather than admit that they made a mistake, they simply
attempt to fix the new problems. Before long, they have destroyed or
rendered what they were trying to fix as useless.

Creating a newsgroup, moderating the list, or splitting the list up all will
produce negative side effects.  I'm willing to bet on it.  Valuable members
will leave the list. Valuable content will go unpublished.

So I say again. Tolerance and self restraint will cure this list. And only
you can make it happen.

P.S. Mark, you once suggested using topics like the one in my subject line
to aid in filtering. Only problem is, there's never been any official
guidlines.  If you could post some guidlines, I'll be more than happy to
follow them.



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