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Thread: PIC project with lots of vibration - Best Sockets?
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Have a shaking application, where the PIC chip will be mounted on a
piece of machinery that's vibrating.  A lot.  And am talking to someone
making a rocket telemetry unit in future using a PIC chip.

I'd sort of LIKE to socket this PIC chip, past experience (sumo robots
etc.) has been that IC's tend to do spurious resets from short Vcc
dropouts, etc. as the socket connectors bounce away from the IC pins,
when these robots collide.  I suggested soldering the MOT cpu in for
this particular app., seems my advice was good =)

Anyone here know what type of sockets are best for vibration-type
environments?  In future I'll be doing TOO much shaking applications,
some rocketry telemetry (I hope!) included.  I'd think an Augat would be
pretty good (multi-prong machined pin socket.)  I've thought of using a
ZIF socket, even though expensive they're pretty solidly contacted.  Or
is solder just THE best here?  (With /JW parts, versus flash parts,
things have changed to where soldering is not as bad of a pain as it
once was, with ICSP being available!)  Nice to avoid soldering if I can,

One cheat for when you know there'll be socket drop-outs or power
faults:  Hard solder a cap or two across the uController, and perhaps do
the same for your pull-up resistor for !MClr - that tends to reduce
problems.  (But: it's a pain!)


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