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Paper Tape reader.  Try getting a set of opto-isolators, and making your
own;  One opto clocks the whole rig, off the "sprocket" hole, software
PLL the whole thing off that hole, use floppy drive type stepper motors
to spin the takeup reel, and it should work fine, I'd think.  An 'F84
should do that easily (just don't rip the paper tape in half - used to
be able to get pretty high speeds off mylar tape this way, beat a KSR/33

Paper tape punches, could make your own similarly, I'd think;  Should be
able to find a KSR/33 (or ASR/33 or ???) for not too much, though, at a
hamfest or surplus equipment sale or ???  I haven't been looking, for
those or for card punches, the local U.W. CDC machines were thrown out
in pieces about 1982 or so, sadly (What a fun toy a Cyber would make!

Look into active termination for that bus, someone else here is the
expert but I'd guess that'll be needed instead of passive; you could
just build a cable and terminate it, load it with PIC chips, then scope
it & see (though SCSI hard drives seem to work just fine with a somewhat
longer bus, and identical cable, terminated.)  Maybe set every other
wire as ground, that should help.


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