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Thread: Quick Poll
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Tell you what, folks - I'm still moving, but that's coming to a close
(Despite the many problems, I'm getting it done.)  So will have more
time soonly.

Can those who really are considering Unsubscribbling here due to
discontent with the current list situation, please send me a message
(I'll summarize 'em & report to Jory.)  I'm sure he doesn't mind a low
disgruntlement ratio here, but if it's huge he probably wants to know.

If you'll make a new message, with "Quick Poll" as the subject line, or
just reply to this (I set it to reply just to me - Safest to make a new
message, if you're unsure how your browser works), and tell me what
disgruntles you, that'd give us some good info.  With I had a
Poll-taking application, that's for later on though (I'll look & see
what automated goodies I can find.)

If you'd tell me what the source of your discontent is, I'll try to
categorize (if appropriate) your comments in my report to Jory.  Should
have some interesting info off this.

I'll summarize Friday morning, to give eneryone plenty of time to think
& so on.  No huge rush here (and I know some of you're pretty busy.)


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