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Thread: Dissimilar metals
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On Sun, 26 Sep 1999 19:26:24 -0400 Wagner Lipnharski
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I thought it was just a faster way to do
> the
> wiring, even representing a very weak contact compared to what could
> be
> if using the screw just aside the same power outlet.

That's about what they are.  The spring contacts aren't very good.
They're useful for lighting circuits and maybe the last/only outlet on a
15A circuit.  If your circuit "daisy chains" through the outlet to other
ones definitely use the screws.

> Of course the screw connection would be much stronger, but...
> probably
> for aluminum wire this is the answer.

The outlets I've seen had warnings on them to use only copper in the
spring contacts.  If you must deal with aluminum wire, consult an expert
to see what the latest recommended wiring devices and practices are.

> By the way, some experiences with transformers using aluminum wire?

They work but are not very efficient.  It was also common to wind small
motors (1/3 hp, 1/2 hp) with aluminum.  In the '70s the price of copper
was apparently rather high.  It's a classic trade-off of initial cost
versus other factors.  The leads are usually connected with crimped-on
connectors (I would imagine special ones designed for aluminum).

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