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Thread: getting low off floating imput
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On Sun, 26 Sep 1999 02:58:38 -0600 Rene Chauvet <TakeThisOuTrchauvet.....spamHOME.COM>
>all I did was first set the pin
> low then turned the tristate control to output..Anyway I was
> wondering if there is a better way that would increase the
> reliability of reading a low.

Use a pull-down resistor of course.  If you don't do that you should set
the pin to output a low for several instructions, then set it back to
input and read the read the pin immediately, so it doesn't have time to
drift back toward a high level. You may not read high properly then
though.  Connecting a capacitor from the pin to ground would make it
float around more slowly.  But if you use an external component it should
be a pull-down resistor.

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