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Thread: FL - Sun invents the mainframe computer
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What I want (closest thing like this) is to have all my home machines
Beowulfing together, when not otherwise in use, perhaps with most info
stored securely in MY server, but no way am I going to trust MY personal
info to someone else's "secure" server.  Use such a widget for when/if
it's appropriate, sure;  Be unable to choose to store anything on my
hardware, Nope.  I'd say something like "They can have my HDD's when
they pry my fingers off 'em", but from what I've seen they're getting a
little over-eager to DO that...  Why do people keep solving the WRONG
problems, from my point of view?  <G>

Most of the reason I have all these machines:  Lack of expandability on
any given computer (Try, just Try, putting a gang EPROM programmer,
STK-200, PicStart Plus or Warp-13a, EMP-10, EMP-20, Parallax programmer,
a modem or two, a mouse, external portable hard drive, and anything Else
like 3-4 printers, all onto one computer.  LOTSA LUCK.  Insufficient
IRQ's, slots, etc.)

How would I go to the park & code PIC code in the sun, if I had no
storage media?  Ack!  <G>  (The old XT laptop will go 8 hours off a

Lots to be said for having a few "throwaway" workstations around, for
just general work projects (like testing code that destroys the OS, for
example <G>)


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