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Thread: whats palm pilot ?
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Max Toole wrote:
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I have an IBM PC110 that I use a lot, and an HP200LX that I use as much.

Phone List, Schedule, Dolist, Checkbook balance, etc. go on the HP.  (Or
are migrating there, anyways.)  I have a 16Mb Compact Flash card in a CF
to PCMCIA adapter in it (sometimes a 4Mb SRAM card instead), in there
for extra storage.  One guy's figured out how to do a 96Mb RAM memory
upgrade for the 200LX family.  (Wish that was there 10 years ago!)  No
backlight on the screen, but works wonderfully in direct sunlight;  I
have NiCad batt's in mine, runs a number of days between charges, even
with multiple alarms a day.  I like it better than the Omnigo 100 I'd
had before.

Computer hardware databases, Doom, compilers, CAD packages, etc. go on
the PC110 (Even though it's display's just 4.7" diagonal or so, you can
use a CAD package, and do some serious work while riding the bus or
whatever;  Wouldn't recommend while driving, of course!  Hard to see
that DSTN screen in direct sunlight, of course...)  Eagle will run on
the PC110, but lack of a mouse makes it hard to use, unless you have the
PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse adapter (I'm working on making more of those.)  My
usual PC110 load is a 540 Mb PCMCIA HDD (inserted on the left) and a
48Mb CF card (inserted on the right).  Need to get back to using the
20Mb model, this one's just 8Mb on a 486sx33 (Can overclock to 40MHz
easily, if you want to.)

Both are tiny, light, and use standardish batteries (AA's, Alkaline or
NiCad, for the LX;  Sony NP-F550's for the PC110, $50 Camcorder Li-Ion
batt's, good price for 'em, and they're light.)  I carry 2-3 spares for
the PC110, in case I need to do more than an hour and a half or so of
work on it.

I think I can get the data on how to upgrade PC110's to 32Mb RAM on the
momboard, Japanese translation isn't one of my skills, that'd really
make the machine more usable for Win95, etc.!


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