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Mark Jurras wrote:
> You wrote:
> >    I have been watching the free/cheap computer deals ad have passed
> >them up not wanting to pay $30 a month for 36 months of Compuserve.
> There is no free computers or lunch for that matter. Look closely at that deal
> The ones I've seen
> are for a 3 year commitment to some ISP. In three years most of America will b
> wired for
> broadband internet access, ASDL, DSL, cable modem etc. Will you still want to
>  using a dial-up
> then? You want free access? Look at NetZero or the like. I have not tried it b
>  it is free if you
> want to put up with a window full of ads flashing at you.
> - -Mark
> P.S. I am not affiliated in anyway with NetZero nor do I use NetZero.

 There are at least 3 such services, NetZero.Net, FreeI.Net, and
NoCharge.Net, that I know of.  All are Ad-based services.  There are
also free onramps in many cities (like scn.org here in the Seattle
area), thing to do is really think things through before you sign on the
dotted line - if it sounds too good to be true, Probably IS!  A friend
tried NetZero, changed to FreeI, now is off zzn.com (His brother somehow
gets him free 'Net access off there, using a regular browser.)  Also,
Juno gets you on free e-mail for free, windows based application (I have
used THAT, of all these, while down at Comdex.  Eventually, I want a
nationwide ISP <G>)

 If all you want is e-mail and basic web surfing, an old XT to 386 or
such and Net-Tamer can get you running, even off a floppy drive, with
some place like scn.org, for VERY little money (The monitor's the pricey
item!);  I've given away 14.4 modems to local people needing a modem,
etc.  You can also get access for completely free in many libraries,
etc., too.


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