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Thread: Will Make Front Panels for Food---- How To Reply??
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adastra wrote:

> and the only return address I ever see is the piclist itself.

 which was *preceded* by ...

> I use MS Outlook,

 Says it all!


> Is this a case of the original poster forgetting to include his/her
> email address,

 No, as that's virtually impossible.

> or is there some other way for me to get it?

 There probably is.  Play with some settings, if you can find any.  If
not, you just have to decide - do you want everything to look pretty, or
do you want to get some work done?

 I know this "M$ software" theme is getting pretty well-worn, but when
you really get down to the nitty-gritty, that's just how it is!
       Paul B.

<37E31DD1.57AE8483@midcoast.com.au> 7bit

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