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Thread: Will Make Front Panels for Food---- How To Reply??
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On Fri, Sep 17, 1999 at 11:34:09AM -0600, adastra wrote:
> I often see posts such as this one where we are invited to reply do the
> poster directly, by email.
> I use MS Outlook, and the only return address I ever see is the piclist
> itself.
> Is this a case of the original poster forgetting to include his/her email
> address, or is
> there some other way for me to get it?

The PICLIST L-Soft mail processor inserts a Reply-To:
which overrides the From: address when your mailer
replies. In Outlook, the only way I know to "easily"
do this is to

  (a) open the message you want to reply to (it isn't
      enough to "preview" in the main Outlook window)
  (b) Select the text in the From field (even though
      it doesn't appear to be selectable text, it is,
      and it will select the address you want, not
      the text name as shown)
  (c) Right-click copy, Cntl-C or Edit... Copy to get
      the address into the clipboard,
  (d) Click the Reply button
  (e) select the piclist address in the To: field --
      the whole thing should select on a single click,
  (f) Right-click paste, Cntl-V or Edit... Paste.

At that point, you should have a reply to the original
poster, not the PICLIST.

This is why I always set my Reply-To: to myself; I
occasionally get messages intended for the list,
but I think it's better than having private replies
go to the list. One can always reply to the list
from my messages by doing a reply-to-all or group


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