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Thread: Will Make Front Panels for Food
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I've seen discussions about panels, sheet metal, labels, etc., so I
thought I'd offer this:

Besides playing with PICs I have a CNC machine shop.  For a recent
project I made fixtures and wrote some macros to machine prototype
quantities of various front panels. We'll have this setup on our
machine for a while, so if anyone is interested in having front panels
made, let me know and we can slip them in.  I would guess that we could
do it cheaper and faster than the local sheet metal shop.  (Maybe even
for free if you help me finish my project obsession: "Replacing an
entire CNC control with PICs" - guaranteed to make you a fixture in a
nice asylum somewhere.)

BTW, for labeling, we've done both screen printing or laser marking,
but my favorite method personally is something anyone with an inkjet
can do themselves, an "emulsion side down" print on transparent film.
I use Epson film, although I'm sure there are cheaper sources.  I first
tried this for some prototypes in an attempt to simulate expensive
production Lexan labels.  The inkjet looked fully professional, better,
in fact, than the production label.

I also once made a panel that had a colored inkjet print, with text,
and used LEDs behind the colored portion as various indicators.  This
looked fantastic.  You can also put a tactile switch behind the inkjet
film to make your own prototype membrane switches.  My next experiment
involves vacuum forming to see if I can put in a "bubble" for the
switch button.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in having panels made, please e-mail me
directly and I'll send you more info.

Thanks, Rock

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