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Stevens, Kurt wrote:
> Any large appliance is prone to collecting dust underneath on components
> that get hot, effectively insulating and making hotter those parts. It is a
> wise practice once or twice a year to clean them out underneath,
> particularly the clothes dryer. Someone said (insurance adjuster or fireman,
> not sure which) that a fair percentage of appliance caused fires happen due
> to this.
>         Kurt Stevens

Same thing happens to computers in some offices (Ages ago, one old XT
machine I was supposed to use was having problems, auto-rebooting - When
I opened the cover, there was about 3/8" of dust atop the momboard.
Machine worked better once I cleaned that off <G>)  Glad it wasn't a
Pentium-3 or something, that'd melt the PC board if covered by dust...

We're going to see problems with "vintage" PC's some day, unless they
start building in self-cleaning CPU fans, and, especially, self-cleaning
power supplies <G>

I've been told that toasters are a real problem in terms of appliance
fires, as well.  I think due to failure to release, not somehow
self-starting - one friend always unplugs his toaster after each use, I
think he's nutso <G>


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Subject (change) Cloths Driers was Muscle contraction. was: cats! -Repl

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