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Martin McCormick wrote:
> Nigel Goodwin writes:
> >House' and 'Bob Vila's Home Again', I'm horrified by the methods used in
> >electrical installations in the states!. I can't believe they still use
> >'Screwit' connections for mains wiring, these were declared illegal in
> >the UK many, many, years ago!.
>         Are you referring to the cone-shaped devices that screw down
> on two or more wires and hold them together for a while until the hot
> lead decides to work out and hit something nearby?
>         What is the practice in the UK?
>         I have used many of those twist-on connectors and it isn't
> always easy to know for sure if they have tightened for good.
> <snipped "Fireworks" story>
> Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK
> OSU Center for Computing and Information Services Data Communications Group

"No sense of adventure!"  <EG>

Guys, ya know, it you use electrical tape to immobilize these "Wire
Nuts", these sorts of things don't happen.  At least 2 good wraps on the
nut, 2-3 on the twisted wires coming into them, no unscrewing then.
Sort of like "safety wire" on an aviation bolt or nut.

Of course, I prefer ring terminals crimped & soldered to screw
terminals, but, that's probably against code if used for 117VAC or
220VAC wiring.


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