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Thread: "The truth about Atmel", anyone have?
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On Wed, 15 Sep 1999 16:50:02 -0500 Dave VanHorn <.....dvanhornspamEraseMECEDAR.NET>
> > Does anyone have a copy of the MicroChip document titled:
> > "The truth about Atmel" ?  It came out about 2 years ago, and
> > I no longer see it.
> I saw that, but I didn't save a copy. Some truth in it, but mainly,
> a study
> in spin-doctoring.

I read it when it came out.  It was a classic "don't" of product
promotion in the face of a competetior.  The funniest thing about it was
is that it claimed some things about Microchip products that weren't
true.  If Microchip has any sense at all they've removed it from
everything they publish a long time ago.

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Subject (change) "The truth about Atmel", anyone have?

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