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On Tue, 14 Sep 1999 02:49:42 -0700 Mark Willis <EraseMEmwillisspamFOXINTERNET.NET>
> "Most technicians are shocked as Management had the workbenches built
> of
> metal, for extreme durability, and for "convenience" decided to
> ground
> the entire bench with 12AWG wire - That way there's always a ground
> handy when you need one."

Any metal object that is routinely touched needs to be grounded.
Otherwise it could become live and present a shock hazard by itself.  It
is bad practice to ground equipment to a bench.  If the bench ground is
defective, faulty equipment would make the bench live.  It is best though
to keep the number of conductive objects to a minimum where working with
live equipment.

>, this tends to stop most people from
> whipping that hand out in time to catch that falling HV wire or
> whatever.

Get in the habit to not reach for *anything* that falls off of a
workbench.  Your brain isn't fast enough to evaluate whether it is safe
to catch or not.  Instead watch yourself and jump back if needed so it
doesn't land on you.  You may see a few expensive objects fall to the
floor and break and wonder if you could have caught them.   But that's a
lot better than getting hurt by something that is too heavy, too hot,
electrified, caustic, etc. to handle.  The way to prevent things from
falling to the floor is to not let them get close to the edge in the
first place.

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