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w. v. ooijen / f. hanneman wrote:
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I have had a number of times where, given ONLY the hex file, I've needed
to burn 1 code protect OFF part to read or even send back to someone (to
make sure I did indeed have the right .hex file, etc.) - and then many
more parts that're set with Code Protect=all.  (or just plain ON,
depending on the part.)  Definitely could be an advanced users option
that you have to dig in a little to change intentionally, I'd definitely
LIKE to keep all abilities there, though - When you need something, no
use having the system harass you about it.  (Also I've been coding on
one machine & burning chips on another machine in another room, so
moving back and forth has been REALLY inconvenient - That could change
here in the new digs.)

I could definitely see a few things, of course:

*  It'd be nice if the PIC chips ID'ed themselves to the programmer, so
setting IC type was not necessary;  This one's water under the bridge.

*  For burning "many" OTP copies of a particular PIC chip, at least,
it'd sure be nice if the programmer had some nice RAM in there & it
could accept the entire image into that RAM, verify all the checksums to
make sure that your serial or parallel cable didn't have a loose
connection (or your PC or OS had hardware-related timing problem, or a
software problem like NT <G>), and then, once THAT was done, the
programmer could start to burn the part.  Yes, more complex, definitely
- and those who've MIS-burned code-protected OTP parts & had too many
come out bad unusable units for their liking, may have another, better
idea of how to handle this.  (Right now, when I move the programmer off
the machine I use to a different machine, I just burn 3-4 'F84 or /JW
chip programs to test the data link - I'm about to move to another
machine again, and Ram is fairly cheap.  I'd like it, maybe I'll make a
programmer someday.  "Mark's finnicky, expensive complex programmer" <G>

 Mark (Still moving so may've forgotten other ideas)

<37DA75C7.F8ED9EF2@foxinternet.net> 7bit

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