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Thread: MChip F___ Up!
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Erik Reikes wrote:
> At 12:31 PM 9/10/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >Which part?
> I was looking at the AT90S2333, but looking again, I see the AT90LS4433
> which is interesting.  I may try them for the next project, but I think I'm
> locked into PIC right now even though I'm kinda pissed at Mchip.  The cost
> I'm looking at for 63A's is in the $2.50 range which is hard to beat.

For hobby & prototyping, Flash is "Wunnerful", even for hard-core geeks
with 3 EPRom erasers <G>  /JW parts tend to be rather pricey, compared
to Flash, as we all know.  For production, OTP is far cheaper, unless
you expect to regularly revise your code.  Wish the /JW parts were
cheaper, or there was a flash part that came in OTP versions also <G>
Learning curve can far exceed the parts costs, too, definitely - need to
consider all those factors & more (just to confuse yourself) before
making the best choice you can <G>

Using an Atmel on one project just for speed & for the flash - Wouldn't
want to pay $8 instead of $2.50 for some projects, if they ever come to
be, that's about 3/2 the profit margin per item!



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