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The http://www.isc-durant.com/nolan/article.htm programmer's pretty
simple, 2 Cap's, 3 Resistors, a transistor and an LM317 Voltage
Regulator.  Perhaps easier to use is
http://www.picnpoke.com/projects/prog.html, not much more complex,
certainly pretty portable!

There's a lot to be said to using a more popular (like a Tait variant)
programmer - as if it doesn't work, you can ask the list for help, and
get it (If you use a programmer that only 1 other person in the world's
ever used, you're totally dependent on them.)  Look around on
http://www.dontronics.com, http://www.new-elect.com/,
http://www.dontronics.com, they all have good links sections to give you
lots of ideas & pointers to designs.

Other PICs than the C84/F84 have this situation: the 16C84/16F84 (&
F84a) self-clock during programming (They're "Flash" parts) - the EProm
parts require fairly close timing constraints, which can be done under
Dos but not under Win9x - so, basically, you need a programmed PIC to
program another PIC, for all but the F84 (The newer Flash parts may be
different, but I get the impression they're not simple enough for a
first project <G>)  Alternately, you can find someone on the list to
"blow" a PIC chip for you, I'll usually do it "when I get to it" if
people pay postage to & from me & ask nice <G>


Hal wrote:
> Does anyone have a simply designed programer to program the pic chips.
> I Would like to build my own programmer, Just getting started in the pic
> chips I can handle building simple projects so the simpler the design
> the better.  I would appreciate the help.
> Thanks
> Hal
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