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Thread: Serial Interface Question [PIC related]
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On Sun, 5 Sep 1999 00:32:40 -0700 Kevin Fisk <EraseMEkfiskSTOPspamspamWKPOWERLINK.COM>
I'm doing the Embedded side and was
> wondering if
> anyone knows of a terminal program which would send out characters
> of the
> form;
> "[STX]A5B8E00[ETX]"      ; no quotes, but the rest applies

The old "Terminal" program supplied with Windows 3.1 would allow you to
enter a macro that would send several characters each time the user
presses a function key or clicks a button on the window.  This function
seems to not be in the "Hyper Terminal" supplied with Windows 95 and 98,
but it should be in most third-party terminal programs or you could find
a copy of the old Terminal.  Also it would not be hard for someone
familiar with BASIC or C to write a program to do this.

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