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Thread: Optimized binary to BCD Conversion
picon face BY : Mike Keitz email (remove spam text)

On Mon, 6 Sep 1999 15:42:10 -0400 Jason Sachs <.....jsachsEraseMEspam.....DEKARESEARCH.COM>
> I've got a routine that converts 16- and 24-bit binary
> to packed BCD, based on Mike Keitz's "b2bcd" posted
> here last year. (msg forwarded at end)

I see you've alrady found my entry.  I like the BCD multiply by 2 method
especially as the numbers get larger.  It is probably the best for speed.
Methods based on division may save space if you already have a division
routine in the program for some other purpose and can reuse it.

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