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Thread: "Neat" Panels?
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"Sean H. Breheny" wrote:
> Hi Tjaart!
> That's telling them! <VBEG>
> BTW,in all seriousness, how do you pronounce your first name, is it roughly
> like the word "chart",or do you actually put some "t" into it like
> "Tchart",or like "Tyart"?
> Just an American trying to pronounce Afrikaans correctly <G>,

You pronounce it "chart". Suppliers and customers from the far east,
french, and latin countries usually have a field day with my name.
Some of the attempts are non-printable! ;) I've even considered
adopting a 'business name' (also like the eastern people) like
"Chad", or "Charles" or something.

Then again, it is a constant source of amusement ;) One guy from
Taiwan asked to speak to "short". My collegues were very amuzed (I'm 6"4).

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