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Thread: "Neat" Panels?
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The special ink jet film is made by Folex and is called something
like:-  GO-DE/GSI - UV graphic overlay film for ink jet printers.

You should be able to get it from a commercial printing supplier.
I've been told its about $NZ300 per box of 50 A4 sheets. A local
label company wants $NZ30 per A4 sheet printed on this stuff (or
something very similar).

I use PCB mounted tactile switches (that's what I call them) behind
the labels. The switch contacts built in to labels I call membrane
keys. I'm not keen to try making them myself.

You might be onto something there with the laser - could it cut out
a stack of labels 50 deep? How about printing with it too, like on
the key caps of some PC keyboards I've seen lately. Throw some
cyan, magenta, yellow, black chalk dust over the label alternately
and blast each dot into the polyester sheet. Then use the same
technology to apply the worlds fastest tattoos :-)


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