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Thread: "Neat" Panels?
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>Hi all,
.>Other: Professional screen printing companies use scratch
>resistant polyester with that nice textured finish. They can now
>supply you with a specially coated thin version of this polyester to
>put through your ink jet printer. You stick on a white backing sheet
>supplied, over the printing, and add double sided tape. This is a
>really promising system but the downsides are: ink jet only, water
>ingress from edges spoils them, hassle cutting out white backing
>sheet for windows.

Do you have trade names and sources for this stuff--our local label
companies don't want to tell for obvious reasons.

>Tips for switches: All the above methods work well for tactile
>switches mounted behind the overlay. The switches feel better if
>they are not adhered to by the adhesive backing. A good idea is to
>put a piece of thin plastic on top of the adhesive, between the
>overlay and the switch. This makes it better wearing too.

How about a quick tutorial on making your own tactile switches?

Now, how about a nice laser for cutting out the labels around contours--and
trimming my resistors?


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