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Thread: "Neat" Panels?
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At 06:30 AM 8/26/99 +1000, you wrote:
>Following on from that thread about
>stick-on PCB patterns, has anyone
>got ideas about producing "neat"
>looking front panels for project
>boxes. You used to be able to get a
>sort of photosensitized aluminium
>sheet. Can't remember the name.

SCOTHCAL--available through most Scotch (3-M) distributors that sell
printing supplies.
Great stuff!
Need a good NEGATIVE film, and a means of exposing--sun will work sort
of--best to make friends with your local printer and use his
plate-maker--Scotchcal is basically the same stuff lithograph plates are
made from

Or:  Get a sheet of unperforated label material that is compatible with
your printer.  Print the label-color or monochrome--and place a layer of
self-adhesive laminating film over the top.  Rub down good and hard to get
out all the bubbles, and cut to size.  Instant (almost) full color labels.
Use Mail-Merge for generating serialized labels, etc.

Warning--they don't like to get wet, and will delaminate.

3-M makes some great double sided adhesives and mylar films used by the
professional label shops.  $5 a foot for 4" wide material--NOT cheap.


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