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Thread: "Neat" Panels?
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PJH wrote:
> PICers,
> Following on from that thread about
> stick-on PCB patterns, has anyone
> got ideas about producing "neat"
> looking front panels for project
> boxes.

This is a method I use. It works as long as the front panel is not going
to be subject to too much abuse.

Celcast make an opaque A4 copier film with an adhesive backing, which
you can use in a laser printer. (Stock ST300)

Use any art package to draw the details you need. I use Protel for a lot
of stuff that just requires lines and letters, as it is easy to line up
with pots, switches etc on a PCB pattern. When you have finished, just
print it onto the copier film. The background in this case is see
through. You can also print the artwork as a negative. ie the letters
and lines are see through and the background is black.

Paint the panel some bright color before sticking the artwork to it.
Yellow is a good contrast. If you printed negative, the letters and
lines etc will become yellow.

To cut any holes out neatly, poke a small hole through the film and then
use a round needle file and rub it gently against the edges of the
holes. Use a small flat file for square holes.

Another method is to print artwork onto paper and laminate it for
protection. Then stick this to the panel with some adhesive.

Best regards


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