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Thread: "Neat" Panels?
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PJH wrote (somewhat narrowly):

> Following on from that thread about stick-on PCB patterns, has anyone
> got ideas about producing "neat" looking front panels for project
> boxes. You used to be able to get a sort of photosensitized aluminium
> sheet. Can't remember the name.

 There was an article about this in the last year or so in one of the
local electronics mags.  Look it up in the library.

 The conclusion IIRC was to either print a panel label onto (permanent-
grade adhesive) label stock (non-slit) using a good toner density, then
(spray) lacquer it, or to print on plain (bond) paper, laminate it
either yourself or commercially, apply a non-soaking adhesive uniformly
(spray adhesive was strongly recommended) and apply.
       Paul B.

<37C462FC.CC6C56F6@midcoast.com.au> 7bit

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