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Re: the Roland Stika: I am sooo jealous.... That is a nice piece of
equipment. I worked at a computer store years ago that used one to make
lettering to stick onto the windows etc... I keep looking for used units,
etc. but once people get one, they just don't let go.

I spend more time than I should dreaming about Computer Aided Manufacture
via things like the Stika with the ability to mill wood, metal, plastic etc,
Even without the ability to move vertically, this type of machine would
allow the home owner to add decorative molding, scroll work, trim, make
toys, paper houses, dolls, cut outs and the list just goes on and on.

One of these days I'm going to chuck two VSR drill motors to long threaded
stock that are attached via swivel nuts to a sliding platform that carries a
dremel (like with the router attachment) and may be a motorized height
adjustment. With controllers to vary and reverse the drill motors and linear
sensors for position feedback (tape measure with optical sensor to count the
divisions) and some software to compute the trig, I could be able to "plot"
designs into useful materials.

See also: http://www.tinaja.com/flut01.html

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